A reliable partner for organ builders since 1823

Understanding begins with listening. Knowledge comes from experience. And so whenever Laukhuff approaches a new product, we start with its exact destination: on-site at our customer’s location. This precise familiarity with individual requirements and demands paves the way for development and production. Every individual part is created with the care of a master craftsman, the precision of an engineer and the devotion of an organist. Our role as a supplier, service provider, developer and adviser is appreciated by organ builders and makes Laukhuff a reliable partner that has been valued by companies around the world ever since it was founded in 1823.


Tradition connects

Laukhuff’s 197 years of tradition are both a commitment and a challenge.
Our actions are inspired in three ways:

Respect for
– our customers’ requirements
– the knowledge and expertise of our colleagues
– the unique characteristics of the instrument
– the material, functionality and aesthetics

Partnership with
– organ builders, manufacturers of grand and upright pianos, and companies that require precision and reliability
– the people who live in the surrounding region: as a respected employer and instructor

Passion for
– the best result
– tailor-made products and advice
– long-lasting quality: reliable and authentic, with a stable value
– traditional craftsmanship and innovative technologies

We ❤ Weikersheim